"Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain."
~Psalm 127:1

October 12, 2015

Day 11: Resting and realizing

Yesterday, after church, Josiah and I spent the afternoon resting after the busy day on Saturday.  We normally take a walk in the afternoon, but I was just too tired to do that.

And obviously, I didn't get to writing on my blog either Saturday or Sunday, so I'm making up for it now.

I was thinking about how life will change with a little one coming soon, and I realized that too many times, I have allowed stubbornness get in the way of letting other people help me.  I let my pride or what I've always known or what I grew up with dictate how I live, when I could do things in a better or easier way.

One example of this is our shower curtain rings.  When we got married, I wanted pretty, shiny, silver hooks for the shower curtain.  Our curtain rod is metal, and Josiah tried to tell me that plastic would be better, but I wanted the prettiness.

So for 6+ years, we struggled with that shower curtain.  Every time you would open or close it, it would give so much resistance and some of the hooks would fall off.  I was willing to put up with it, but I would often hear comments from Josiah on how hard and annoying it was.

I finally caved a few months ago (and I had a gift card), and bought clear, plastic rings for our shower curtain.  I must admit, it's been nice.  No more struggling to pull the curtain open or closed (and so much thankfulness coming from Josiah for the plastic rings)!

Slowly learning, that my way isn't always the easiest or right.

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