"Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain."
~Psalm 127:1

August 24, 2015

It's almost that time of year!

There's just something about these images that make me giddy!

It's almost that time of year!  Fall harvest!  (They only chopped a little bit today to open up better access to the silage bags, the real thing won't happen for a week or two)

I love spring and fall, and for some reason, the harvest in each season is always a highlight, even though it makes for long hours and tired workers.  It's so weird, because I don't normally like or adjust well to changes, but I like these changing seasons.

Maybe it's seeing the "fruit" for the labor that goes on every day here.  Seeing how much God blows our minds with His faithfulness and a better harvest than we expect.

August 13, 2015

Blue-Eyed Baby Girl

I'm not sure how often this happens, but I sure don't see it very frequently.

I was looking at the calves that were recently born a couple weeks ago, and I saw her.  Something just didn't look right to me.  As I got closer, I realized that she had blue eyes!

I don't know if I've ever seen a calf with blue eyes before!  I'll have to keep checking on her to see if they stay light or if they get dark like other cows' eyes.

Blue eyes

Here are some brown-eyed baby girls:

August 6, 2015

A letter to my younger self

Dear you/me/young one,

There are some things you need to know as you grow up.

First of all, never eat avocados.  If you heed this warning it will save you from a night of sickness and sleeplessness.  They make you sick, don't do it!  (At least, I think they make you sick and I wouldn't take the chance of eating them again, it's not worth it, and you don't really love them anyway.)

Secondly, avoid tackling in soccer with the outside of your foot.  You will sprain your ankle and it will swell up to the size of a softball.  If at all possible, avoid the sprained ankles, they really hurt!  You will enjoy your sports experience much more if you follow my advice.

Wear sunscreen, getting sunburned isn't worth it.

Don't just buy stuff at the store because you want it.  Think it over, if you can't see yourself using/wearing that item in at least 1 year, don't waste your money.

Take a photography class in high school.

Try not to procrastinate so much, it really will make school easier and you'll be more rested.

Look out for that young man in gym class (and every other class), he is cute and seems overconfident, but that's because he likes you.  It's okay to like him back. (Josiah wanted me to add this one)

Cows are not that scary.  They might be big, but they are gentle, curious, lovable creatures.  And yes, they do smell, but you'll get over that.

And most importantly, don't be afraid of being who God created you to be.  In order to learn this, don't look around at what other people are doing, don't compare yourself.  That is a game you cannot win.

You were made in the image of God.  You are smart, beautiful, and creative, because He is.  Get to know Him and you will know who He created you to be.  Never stop pursuing, knowing, and being known by God.  Hunger after it above all other things.  He knows your heart.

He has given you dreams.  He has plans for you.  He wants to use you.  He wants to fill you with joy.  He wants to free you!  Don't be afraid of what He may ask you to do.  He will give you what you need when you need it.

Don't be afraid of other people.  God has given you the words to say, if not in person, then in an email or letter.  We're all human and all walking around with scars and hurt, so be sensitive but strong.  Speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4: 15).

Please, don't lose hope.  Pray more for that one impossible thing, you'll know what I'm talking about when you're older.  Don't give up hope, I haven't given up hope for that one yet, even though it does seem impossible.

Read/devour the Bible.  You'll need those words of truth.  Pray.  A lot.  It really makes a difference.

One last thing.  Your life won't turn out how you expected/dreamed it would, but it will be okay.  It's called growing character, and although painful, it is worth it.  You'll make it, I promise.  God is still faithful.

August 5, 2015

Stuck in the muddy mess: relationships

Have you ever just felt stuck?  In life, in a certain situation, in the mud?  It's very frustrating.

Something happens and I just can't get it out of my head, but I also can't think of any good solutions that will work and not make anyone else involved feel hurt.  So it just keeps swirling.  And then you think of something, but more things happen that just decimate that option and you're stuck all over again.  And then, after a while, you just don't even want to try any more.  It would just be easier to walk away and let someone else deal with the responsibility.

(It makes me wonder, do I ever do or say things that frustrate other people this much?  Maybe it's more often what I don't say that would frustrate them more.)

And then I remember, that's not me.  That's not how I should deal with things, because if I walked away, it would leave more hurt, for other people and myself, than if I stick it out and work through it.  I've been on the receiving side of that, where people have walked out of my life, no explanation at all.  Believe me, it leaves a lot of hurt and a lot more questions.

You know, I just wish more people were more sensitive to how their actions will affect other people.  I know you can't walk around in fear of how you come across, but more sensitivity would be nice.

August 4, 2015

I'm back?

Wow.  This feels so weird.  I'm writing again.  On a computer.  I'm way out of practice!

My computer issues are fixed, I believe.  So now I have somewhere to go with all the thousands of pictures that I was storing on my camera (1864, to be exact).  Now the "fun" begins of going through all those photos and seeing which pics looked fine on my tiny camera display screen but are actually blurry and unfocused on a much bigger computer screen. :-p

I have a "new" (hand-me-down) desk and a cozy little space all to myself where I can write.  It's nice.

So what's been happening in life?  I'm not sure I'm ready to go there just yet.  There is a lot that I haven't written about over the past year and a half, on the farm and in life in general.  I'll probably put up some pictures of new developments on the farm some time, although I think I stopped taking pictures for a while because I had nowhere to go with them.

But for now, I just wanted to say that I'm sort of, maybe, back to writing on here.  Hopefully more frequently than last year at least.