"Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain."
~Psalm 127:1

May 25, 2011

Garden update

I went out to check on how the garden was surviving all the rain.  I was surprised to see that it was doing fairly well.

So far what has sprouted:



Sugar snap peas


Lima beans

One very sad-looking green bean

Yellow beans



May 24, 2011

Kristen- jumping 3 times, aka triple jump

Here is the video of Kristen performing the Triple Jump.  I've watched it at least 50 times and I still can't figure out where they get 3 jumps out of it.


Each year the 32 big fans at the end of the barn need to be dusted and greased.  This morning Charise and I dusted all but 4 (because we can't reach them).  Actually, we aren't dusting the fans themselves.  We're dusting the shutters in front of the fans.  Dusting the shutters helps the fans run more efficiently; less wind resistence. 

Still dusty and dirty

Josiah helped out on the last fan

So much cleaner

May 21, 2011

Running, jumping, test-taking: things they enjoy

Today both of my sisters-in-law are taking on some pretty big challenges.  Charise is taking a 5 hour long test that can greatly affect her schooling options, otherwise known as the MCAT. 

And Kristen is at a District Track and Field meet.  Yesterday I think she ran the 100m and did the Triple Jump and today she was competing in the Long Jump.  From what we heard, we think she did pretty well today.  So since we are not able to be there today for her, I thought I would post some other pictures from another one of her meets, where she set 3 personal records.

I'm not really sure, but I think she's trying to fly

Getting ready to jump and she's already off the ground

She actually smiled in this one

Getting ready to run

Leading the pack

And she won


and go!

Triple Jump

I also have a video of Kristen doing the Triple Jump, but since I am having difficulty loading it, that will have to wait until another time.

I just heard that Kristen got 8th place in Long Jump with 15' 2.25".   And Charise will soon be done with her test, and I'm sure that she did very well also!

May 20, 2011

Fixing things

Today I was an assistant VMS technician.  I was helping Josiah with some preventative maintenance.

Replacing the diaphragm on a teat cup shut-off valve

Washing a part with a toothbrush and warm water

Replacing sealing O-rings on the milk hose

What a busy day, I'm glad to have some time off.

May 19, 2011

A little light- headed

I haven't had my hair short in a long time.  I can't really even remember the last time.  And since summer is coming, I thought it would be appropriate to get a haircut.  I probably lost a pound or two in hair.


This was when my hair could go up

The most recent picture of my long locks

I loved my hair long, but summer tends to be hot and makes my hair stick to my neck so it's best that I went short.  And I love it!  And hair is hair, it grows back, and my hair grows pretty fast, usually.  Thank you Lisa for a fabulous cut!!


And I painted my nails some crazy color, it's crazy for me at least.

What am I supposed to do with a hair-tie now?

I really like my hair!

This may seem like a stupid post, but really a haircut for a female is like a fresh start, becoming a new person.  Not that I want to become a new person, but it feels like springtime, when everything is fresh and new and I like that feeling.

May 18, 2011

Europe: Days 8 & 9

I really need to finish telling about our trip to Europe before I forget everything.  Day 8 was the last full day that we were in Europe.  It was a Sunday and we were going to go to church with Peter's family, but we kind of just wanted to go for a bike ride because it was a beautiful morning and we hadn't really stopped moving since we got to the Netherlands.

First we had a wonderful breakfast, with coffee of course.

Then we went for a ride around Warffum and Winsum.  It was a pretty long ride but very enjoyable.

We were going to the circus that afternoon so we had to stop to get tickets.

We really wanted to ride beside/on top of the dike, so on our way back to Peter's house we tried to get there.  But as you can see, we ran out of pavement and had to go through another farmer's field to get there.

Geese, the farmers do not like the geese because they eat all the grass on the dike so there isn't much for their sheep to eat.

Coming in the back side of Peter's farm


Looking back at the dike

After our bike ride, we went to the circus!

This cat does not look happy!

Neither does this one, nice kitty.

After the circus, Peter drove us around Warffum.

I think this was where Peter went to high school, it was being renovated.

The next day, we got up early, ate breakfast one last time with Peter's family, and Peter took us to the train station.  We were going to ride the train from Warffum to Groningen and then take another train the whole way to the airport in Amsterdam.  We were both a little apprehensive about getting on the right train and making it to the airport on time, but we made it.

On the train, going to Groningen

Train station in Groningen waiting for our next train.

We made it to the airport!  And flew home on a 747 for 8 hours.  They are not as roomy as they look.

We had a great trip and are so thankful to everyone who made it possible.  We enjoyed traveling with the Delaval dealership from Canada and Cal.  Also, thank you Peter and family for hosting us and showing us around!  We had a lot of fun!