"Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain."
~Psalm 127:1

September 27, 2013

What I Learned In September

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1.  I shouldn't give up on any relationship.  Even if it seems like there is no hope for restoration, I am supposed to keep trying.  But at the same time I need to continue living my life and being who God created me to be, caring more about what He thinks of me and feels toward me rather than how someone else is thinking about me or reacting to me.  And I don't mean that I will intentionally make someone else angry or jealous, but I will try to be who God created me to be in order to bring Him glory.

2.  There are no Amish families living in Manor Township.  And about 4 non-Amish dairy farmers in Bart Township.

3.  I was trying to take pictures of myself before and after a haircut.  What I learned is that I think I look goofy when I try to take a picture of myself, but if I take the photo through a mirror or someone else takes a photo of me, I think I look okay/normal.  I wonder if I'm so used to seeing myself in the mirror that the "real" view of my face looks backwards to me?  That's weird.  Although, it might have been the angle that I was at or something.  I didn't get around to taking the "after" picture yet.

4.  I should not try to take my contact lenses out when I'm on the phone and my head is leaning to the side.  I lost my contact, at first I thought it went up in my eye, but I couldn't find it.  At one point I washed my hands, so I think I successfully got it out of my eye but it fell in the sink and was washed down.  Good thing it was time to put in a new pair!

5.  Fresh pears are heavenly!!  I never realized how much I enjoy a good pear this time of the year, until now!  Even the smell is amazing!

6.  When I draw (which doesn't happen very often), I much prefer a pen over pencil.  I'm much freer with a pen, which doesn't make much sense because you can erase pencil.  But if I am using any sort of pencil, I much prefer shading with pencil than coloring anything with colored pencil.

7.  Groundhogs can do a lot of damage to a soybean field.  I never knew they liked to eat soybeans.

8.  A smelly subject, but a staple of farming, is manure hauling.  If you haul manure out into the field with a tractor and tank spreader, you can easily drive over where you have already spread manure, but you cannot do this easily if you spread with a truck, it would be like driving on grease.  Standard truck tires do not have as much traction on the manure as a tractor and tanker.

9.  Trying to get the green outer hull off of a black walnut is more difficult than I'd like it to be, and it stains your fingers dark brown, and doesn't come out for a long time!  Next time I will wear gloves!

10.  Praying mantis' eat flys and caterpillars.  Josiah saw one eat a fly and I saw one eating a caterpillar.  I tried to get a video of it catching a fly, but I guess it wasn't hungry any more.  Apparently, they will go after hummingbirds too!  I don't want to mess with these creatures!

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