"Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain."
~Psalm 127:1

September 3, 2013

What I learned in August

Link up with Emily Freeman's What we learned in August post.  A little late I know, but better than never.

what we learned in august

So much!!  A lot of what I learned happened during or after The Circuit Riders School in Lancaster.  We had such a great time that week, learning a lot!

1.  I have a voice.

2.  I shouldn't judge a day by the weather.  We were taking Josiah's family out to water ski and it was quite breezy and a little chilly, but it was mostly sunny.  There was a small craft advisory for the area where we were heading, but we managed to find somewhat smooth water.  It was one of the most fun days of water skiing that I have ever experienced, plus the people that we were with were great too!  And the sky was amazing!!

3.  I am what my name means: strong (and courageous), not on my own, but God makes me who I am.  This post has new meaning to me today.

4.  I love milking cows.  Who ever thought this is what I would end up doing?  I have a BA in psychology, but I milk cows, and walk around the farm like a tough farm girl.  :)

5.  I can't wait around for someone else to do all the work (in relationships, in sharing Jesus with other people, in everything), if God called me to do it.  God has given me a voice and He will give me the words to say.  I just need to be more focused on Him than I am on myself or fear of man.

6.  People are really hungry for Jesus!  You read the news and see all this bad stuff happening, and why would someone do something like that?  Because they were bored, because they have no hope, because no one loves them, etc.  Clearly, there is a hunger.  Maybe they don't even know what they are hungry for, but it is Jesus.  There are so many other things that people try to fill themselves up with, but that hole was really created just for Jesus.

7.  I have the freedom to dream!

8.  God loves me.  I had a fresh revelation of His love during this month, and it had to do with something as simple and small as a shoe.  I'll post about it one of these days.

9.  If I'm not making the effort to go forward, I am drifting backward.  Another thing I'll be posting about soon.

10.  I've lived on a farm my whole life (except when I was at college), but I never knew what it looked like when they filled ag-bags with silage instead of putting it in an upright silo (I've never seen a bunker silo filled either).  I have now experienced that for the first time.

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