"Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain."
~Psalm 127:1

September 30, 2011

Sad news

Yesterday, while I was at the Lampeter Fair with my mom and sister, Josiah called me with some very sad news.  Jamster has died.  She died of natural causes from either a stomach or heart problem, that is what I was told and I really don't want to know more.  It was very sudden, she seemed fine one day and the next she died.

This may sound stupid to some people, but I will miss Jamster.  There are no other cows like her.  I can't really describe what made her different because there are other cows that are friendly and let me pet them.  Some of them are a little too friendly and try to sneak up behind me to lick me, which I don't like because it scares me.  I could sit down beside Jamster and lean against her or just pet her.  Sometimes she would look at me and put her head on my legs, other times she would just ignore me.  A couple of times she raced me down the feed alley.  I would just be walking along and look over and see Jamster walking with me, trying to get ahead of me (this seriously happened, and one time I was on the feed-pushing tractor).  When I first started helping out in the barn, she was the first cow that let me pet her, the others were still too scared of me because I was new, from then on I looked for her whenever I was in the barn, and she looked for me too.

So I will miss Jamster, but I don't think I will ever forget her, she was my special cow.

Jamster St. Norman: 6/8/06- 9/29/11

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  1. Valerie, we are so sorry too, by your description of your relationship, it makes us miss her more. Thanks for sharing! Mum and Dad