"Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain."
~Psalm 127:1

April 20, 2011

Europe: Day 3, part 1

Today we took a break from touring farms (thankfully!).  I mean, it was really nice to be able to see how people run their farms in another country, but you can only take so many pictures of the cows before they all start to look the same.  And I get to see a robot farm every day because I live on one, and I am not all that interested in the intricate details of their operations because, mostly I don't understand, that's why Josiah was there.  He wanted to learn all that stuff, I was just the photographer.

So like I said, today we took a break from farms, sort of.  We drove back to The Netherlands.  I think it was supposed to take under 6 hours this time, but we got stuck in traffic (imagine that, traffic on a German autobahn), 4 lanes trying to get down to 2 lanes to go through a tunnel.

We saw some Case combines (or are they choppers?  I have no idea).  The silver vehicle above is a Ford Kuga (never heard of it).

We also passed a Google Maps car.  If they show that portion of road as we passed, they will get a good picture of 3 people taking a picture of them (that includes our driver).

We saw a big port in Germany somewhere, maybe close to Hamburg?

And there was a lot of construction on the highway, and even though we were in pretty small cars, we got closer to the median than was comfortable, especially going 120 kph.  (You should know, I really can't translates kph to mph in my head, so I really have no idea how fast we were going in mph)

Compare this picture...
and this one.

I really have a lot of pictures from this day, and we weren't even halfway through the day!

Okay, so now we have reached The Netherlands.  And I haven't even had any pictures of windmills yet, and I'm not going to in this post because it would take up the rest of my space.

We stop for more fuel and see that the front tire on our car is a little low, no problem, we put a little air into it, and keep going.  And we arrive in Groningen, a large town in the north of Holland.

And our hotel:

 Then we took a drive around the city of Groningen, trying to find somewhere to eat.  That was interesting.  Since we didn't really understand their street signs, we got some strange looks from people, so we think that we might have driven on some roads that were meant for bikes and pedestrians only.  And there were bikes everywhere!!  And they just went, they didn't care that you were driving a vehicle larger than them, they just went.  It made driving more challenging.

And they have food vending machines.

And then we had lunch at a restaurant in the town square, called Three Sisters.

The fries were really good dipped in mayo and a sort of ketchup sauce, but the burger could have been cooked a bit more.  I ended up taking most of the burger out and having a cheese and lettuce sandwich.

And still we weren't finished with our day.  It was a very long, but very good day!

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